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ADVICE IN ADVANCE: For live classes, headphones with a webcam are best. If you are just using a phone, log in to the site via the link on a computer or tablet so you can see the visuals and hear (if your computer has speakers,) then call in with you phone, so it can serve as your mike, but keep it on mute until you’re asked to speak. You can ask to speak using your keyboard and the chat box.

GETTING AN OVERVIEW OF CHINA. Duncan McFarlard has edited an excellent new book, A China Reader, that brings together a range of views inside and outside of China on its achievements and prospects. While it includes contending perspectives, the book and McFarland’s long work in China friendship groups are not favorable to China bashers, whether against Chinese Americans or China itself. Many initial reviews have said if you want one place to start, this book is a good one. The 90-minute video has McFarland presenting the book, followed by discussion. The talk is part of the CCDS 4th Monday Education Series.

SAND AND BLOOD: Militarizing the US-Mexico border and its toll in casualties.  A 45-minute webinar.slideshow presented by Carl Davidson on the book by John Carlos Frey. Provides the bigger framework for campaigns on ICE and concentration camps.

Zoomed ClassesTHE US CONSTITUTION, THEN AND NOW, A condensed history of Anglo America from 1500 to the present, using a review of constitutions and the social struggles around them as an organizing focus Part 1. By Carl Davidson, in four sessions altogether. .

STUDYING GRAMSCI: A Video Webinar organized by Carl Davidson

We are inviting you to use our recent Zoom meetings on Gramsci.

Here are the recorded video links for all three sessions: