Radical education not only develops our thinking, but at its best, it also develops the whole person–body, mind, and spirit. That’s why we’re starting this section on sports and athletics. We will also offer critiques of how sport is often distorted in a capitalist-ruled world

Dave Zirin on “Bad Sports:

How Owners Are Ruining the Games We Love

Interviewed by Juan Gonzales
Democracy Now

.LeBron James is among the NBA

players speaking out

about the death of George Floyd

Baseball’s Labor Rebellion
The unsung activists in MLB history

In their book Major League Rebels: Baseball Battles over Workers’ Rights and American Empire, authors Robert Elias and Peter Dreier reveal a little-known yet important history of rebellion among professional ballplayers. These reformers took inspiration from the country’s dissenters and progressive movements, speaking and acting against abuses within and beyond their profession, demanding better working conditions, battling against corporate power and challenging America’s wars, imperialism, and unjust foreign policies, resisting the brash patriotism that many link with the “national pastime.” They discuss all of it here with Eric Nusbaum, author of Stealing Home. 40 minute Video here