Below You’ll Find Useful Portals with More Links to Publications, Think Tanks, and Organizations

This page, with one or two clicks, will take you to almost every major newspaper, magazine, journal, think tank and other source of interesting and valuable information in English. Some of it will be progressive and truthful in orientation. Others will carry the bias and obfuscation of various uppers classes and factions, but will be useful to know nonetheless.

  • Red Newspapers & Magazines
  • FAIR Media Lists for the left and more
  • World News from CEOExpress
    This is a portal into the world of media found useful by the business and political classes. It includes a variety of other tools as well, such as stock prices and research on corporations. Two or three clicks to nearly any newspaper in the world.
  • ‘ANTI-TANKIE’ RESOURCES AND NOTES. Links to a well-organized and useful collection of left articles and polemics.
  • Arts and Letters Daily
    Designed for intellectuals, this portal displays brief snippets of what’s new each day in the world of literature and journalism. Very useful are the groupings of links on the left sidebar. One, for instance, takes you to every major review of books around the world.
  • U.S. Colleges and Universities
    This portal groups all universities and colleges in the U.S. by state. Once you click on a university, look for its web site, then academic departments or schools, and you can find the subsidiary web sites and email addresses of nearly all professors teaching on any topic.
  • OutHistory.Org
    Here’s a wealth of connections to LGBT resources of all sorts–books, sites, class syllabi, organizations and so on.
  • International Relations Think Tanks
    Here is a listing of the major intelligence, diplomatic and foreign policy research centers. If you want to study and issue or country in depth, from the range of perspectives in the ‘establishment,’ this is useful. Some cover domestic policy as well.
  • Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in NYC. A look at ‘Die Linke,’ the German Left Party, how it was created by uniting left forces, and its current prospects. A study by Cornelia Hildebrant as a downloadable PDF, and many other resources at this unique site.
  • Left Parties of the U.S.–and the World
    This is a comprehensive directory of socialist, communist anarchist, green and revolutionary nationalist parties and groups, with their publications, if any, and web links.

…Other Sites of Interest