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In addition to courses you can take for free in your own time, alone or with a group, we also offer live courses via video conferencing.  Contact:  carld717@gmail.com.

Top Video Courses

  • WHEN COMMUNISM WAS MADE ILLEGAL. History of the HUAC from its inception in 1938, through the Hollywood investigations of 1948, to the 1960 San Francisco City hall police water hosing of protestors. 45 minutes.
  • TREASON TRILOGY: Casino capitalism, a futile 'war on terror,' and ecological doom. THREE FILMS, each just under an hour, on three megaproblems on our collective plate. Great for study groups.
  • THREE RECONSTRUCTIONS. Rev William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP speaks to the Steelworkers convention, laying out the 'fusion strategy' of the Moral Monday movement. One hour, powerful and inspiring.
  • Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial in the Age of Obama, two hours with Tim Wise and his audience. Excellent for understanding privilege and the intersection of race and class. Listen to it in sections for study qroups, or all at once.

  • DEMOCRACY, NATURAL RIGHTS & 21ST CENTURY SOCIALISM. A 20 minute video talk by Carl Davidson at the US Social Forum in Detroit. Good discussion starter.
  • THE DOG WHISTLE OF RACIAL POLITICS. A 20 minute discussion starter with Bill Moyers and Ian Haney Lopez on how the rightwing political class uses race to manipulate elections.
  • THE WORKING UNDERCLASS. A short video, 26 minutes, that exposes the nature of work and low wages in de-industrialized New Jersey, but typical across the U.S. Excellent as a discussion starter for campaigns around the minimum wage and/or a deeper look at capitalism today.
  • SELLING CIGARETTES, BACON AND EGGS,AND WARS:  Edward Bernays: Part 1 and Part 2, Cigarettes and Sufferettes, and the Selling of Wars. The nephew of Freud, Bernays invented public relations as a tool for capitalism, not only to sell its goods, but also its wars and other policies. The key the all other media studies. Less than 20 minutes. Great discussion starter on how hegemony is manufactured. Download his classic book, 'Propaganda,' HERE
  • Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change.In a 30 minute video with Bill Moyers, Klein, author of the international bestseller The Shock Doctrine, says the tragic destruction of Hurricane Sandy can also be the catalyst for the transformation of politics and our economy. Good discussion group starter.
  • Ollie Stone's 'Untold History' All 10 parts of Stone's series on birth of the American Empire. Chapter 1: World War II Chapter 2: Roosevelt, Truman & Wallace Chapter 3: The Bomb Chapter 4: The Cold War: 1945–1950 Chapter 5: The 50s: Eisenhower, the Bomb & the Third World. Chapter 6: JFK: To the Brink Chapter 7: Johnson, Nixon & Vietnam: Reversal of Fortune Chapter 8: Reagan, Gorbachev & Third World: Revival of Fortune Chapter 9: Bush & Clinton: Squandered Peace - New World Order Chapter 10: Bush & Obama: Age of Terror
  • Discussion Starter:  Automated Green Energy Production.  This seven-minute video hightlighting Conergy, a fully automated factory producing solar cells in Germany, should open a variety of topics--the new working class, the labor theory of value, the falling rate of profit, the ability to shift to a solar-powered world, and much more.
  • Carl Davidson at Berlin's Rosa Luxemburg Foundation on Mondragon's Impact
  • Reading Marx's Capital Vol 2 with David Harvey: 4 90-min videos so far...
  • Marxian Economics with Richard Wolff and Stephen Resnick.

Top Course Outlines and Materials

    • POLICE VIOLENCE, CAPITAL AND NEOLIBERALISMAn excellent essay, by Gary Potter, introducing the nature of police, recent changes in the nature of policing, and the economy. Good discussion starter.
    • HUEY P NEWTON'S PHD THESIS on FBI/police repression and the Black community. 100 page PDF
    • FOR MARXISTS DOING ELECTORAL WORK, studying Poulantzas is a big help. We have a free book by him in the books section. But check out 'Calibrating the Capitalist State in the Neoliberal Era' by Colin Jenkins of the Hampton Institute to get you started.
    • POLITICS & CLIMATE CHANGE. Results of an import study of the 'Six Americas' as clusters of thinking on climate change, and how they are reflected in the electorate. Key to discussion of a Green Deal Deal. Download as PDF,
    • KEY ISSUES FOR A NEW ORDER. Position papers on various features of 21st Century Socialism, in theory and practice on the web site, Envisioning a Post-Capitalist Order: A Collaborative Project. Any one article can start a discussion. Also valuable links to other site.
    • FUSION POLITICS from the Arab Spring to Moral Monday. Discussion starter by CCDS's Harry Targ.
    • PHILOSOPHY OF ABOLITIONISM by Wendell Phillips, with commentary by NOEL IGNATIEV. The essay is part of a larger group, edited for Charles H. Kerr by Ignatiev, The Lesson of the Hour: Wendell Phillips on Abolition and Strategy. The book is available from AK Press. Phillips'radicalism continued after the Civil War to the Paris Commune.  Excellent for discussion groups.
    • UNITED FRONT, POPULAR FRONT & ELECTIONS. William Z foster in this 1939 132-page booklet, 'Your Questions Answered,' gives insight of the 1930s CP on Politics, Peace, Economics, Fascism, Anti-Semitism, Race Prejudice, Religion, Trade Unionism, Americanism, Democracy, Socialism, Communism.
    • ORGANIC INTELLECTUALS. Slide Show on  Teaching and Organizing--Gramsci, Arizmendi and Ella Baker. By Carl Davidson.
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